Jamie Arpin-Ricci is an author & queer Christian activist, with more than 25 years experience living at the intersection of faith, sexuality, and justice.
(title by Jamie Arpin-Ricci)

“‘For a while’ is a phrase whose length can’t be measured.
At least by the person who’s waiting.” -Haruki Murakami

With the Advent season upon us, there is no shortage of reflections on the necessity and beauty of waiting. And for good reason, as many of them have much wisdom…

Anne Rice, legendary author of works ranging from Christian literature to erotic fiction, died this Saturday at the age of 80. Her son, Christopher, shared the news on social media that his mother died due to complications from a stroke.

Growing up as a closeted queer kid with strong evangelical…

(Banner art by Jamie Arpin-Ricci)

Every year during Pride month, it has become something of a tradition for my family and our neighbours family to attend events together with our kids. My neighbour and I both identify as bisexual/pansexual. We are also both married to opposite-sex partners. …

(photo Canva / artwork Jamie Arpin-Ricci)

As a published author, I have had to engage in most social media platforms to establish and grow my platform. It became even more critical over that last few years as I lost much of my platform (in evangelical Christian circles) for coming out as LGBTQ+ affirming, not to mention…

Jamie Arpin-Ricci

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